You may feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done around the house that you need to do. But there are ways to cut down on how much time our chores take to finish. You can reduce the time you spend cleaning your house and still have a great looking home. Here is how you do it.

Time Awareness

A lot of people just go through their chores and don’t pay much attention to how long it takes them to do it. They may have an estimate in their mind, but they probably don’t know for sure. The bigger jobs you have to do around the house, such as mopping, sweeping and scrubbing can take longer than you might expect.

When you do one of these time-intensive jobs, pay attention to exactly how long it takes to get it done. Then keep that time in mind for the next time you have to do it. That way, you can make sure you are setting out enough time to get the job done and not have to return to it later or leave it half finished.

Set Cleaning Time Clocks

You may have it in mind to do some cleaning and then get distracted and not finish it. That will make you have to spend more time getting caught up on everything at the weekend or whenever you have more time.

Instead, set yourself a specific amount of time for cleaning each day. Set an alarm for 15-20 minutes or so and work the entire time. If you do quality work around the house for a set period of time each day and don’t cut your time short, you will have far less to do when the weekend comes and you won’t be wasting all your free time doing things that could have been split up across the week.

Get Everyone Involved

You don’t have to do all the housework yourself. If you have kids or a spouse, you can make a checklist you all have agreed on. You each have your assigned jobs to do, and once those jobs are done, you can check them off. This gives everyone some accountability, splits up the workload and ensures that all the work gets done without it taxing you too much.

If you are having trouble getting the family involved in the cleaning, tie their chores into their rewards. You can let them know that they get no TV or video-game time until they are finished with their chores. By incentivizing the cleaning, you ensure that it gets done without the old problem of them saying they will do it tomorrow.

Stay Organized

One of the big time wasters when it comes to cleaning is when you have to look for your tools. The mop is in one room and the cleaning solution is another. If you create a cleaning closet or cleaning caddy then you know what you have and where it is. This will save you a ton of wasted time later.