Those who have been cleaning their house for years know a few secrets to pass on to the younger generations. If you find yourself frustrated by your cleaning methods and you just want to get more done, then these housekeeping tips from experienced professional cleaners will help you out.

The Versatile Toothbrush

Those fine cleaning and scrubbing jobs never seem to be able to be properly finished using regular tools. It seems like you need a specialty tool for each task. But a toothbrush is a very versatile and common tool you can use to clean just about anything.

You want to have a specially designated brush of course, but this tool can be much cheaper and more efficient to the more expensive brushes you find in home specialty stores.

There are many places you can use it like your shower, tiles, mirror edges, window sills and kitchen utensils, just to name a few. The toothbrush is small enough to get in places where other cleaning tools cannot and it is durable enough to last you for a while.

vacuum cleanerCentralized Vacuuming

Many people waste a lot of time vacuuming their house. They have to keep unplugging the re-plugging their vacuum cleaner when they run out of cord.

Instead of unplugging each time you go to a new room to vacuum, plug the vacuum into a central room and attach an extension cord. You can do all or most of your vacuuming from a single outlet, saving you a lot of hassle and walking back and forth. Your legs will appreciate the lighter workout they have to endure to get your floors looking great.

Remove Grease Everywhere

You likely notice that grease builds up on doorknobs, keyboards, counters and other places that get touched a lot. That comes from the oil in people’s hands.

This grease gets worse if you let it accumulate, but you can deal with it easily.

Most cleaning products aren’t going to work on every surface you need to get the grease off of, but one does. A magic eraser can easily wipe the grease off of just about any surface. A couple of wipes anywhere and you should be good to go.

Instead of using a variety of chemicals and wipes, you can just use these erasers for everything.

windowsClean Windows Faster

Windows can take a while to clean properly, but there are some shortcuts you can take.

For small glass panes, such as hand mirrors or small windows, you can use balled up newspaper and your favourite window cleaner. The glass in small windows won’t be scratched by the newspaper, since it is over such a small surface area.

For larger glass surfaces, such as large mirrors and patio windows, you can use a squeegee. The squeegee is soft and won’t scratch up the glass, and it can cover a large surface area quickly, saving you a lot of time.

These are just a few ways you can cut down on your cleaning time and get more effective results.