Tips For More Efficient Appliances

Regular cleaning on your appliances can really make them work more effectively and last longer. You can save a lot of money on repairs and replacements by just doing some basic cleaning on your major appliances.

The Fridge

The inside of the fridge can be awful to clean, and as essential as that is for keeping a clean and sanitary kitchen, it doesn’t really do anything for your fridge’s operation. If you want this vital and expensive appliance to last longer, then you need to do some detailed cleaning on the outside.

The coils are one of the parts most likely to break down and need repairs. To get to them, you usually need to remove the kick plate at the bottom. Then vacuum out all the debris that has built up there. You will usually find lots of hair and dust that has accumulated. By cleaning that part of your fridge every month, you will prolong its lifespan considerably and have a fridge that runs more efficiently, saving you electricity.

The Stove And Oven

To keep your oven and/or stove running longer and at peak efficiency, you need to do regular cleaning that is more in line with what you would commonly do.

Make sure you clean the burners on the stove’s top. These can get clogged up and cause problems with the heating elements. Just about any degreaser will work well to keep the stove running efficiently.

The oven might a bit harder to clean, as encrusted food can be tougher to
remove. You can use an oven cleaner or a homemade mixture of vinegar, water and soap. Be sure to clean along the bottom and at all the vent openings. This puts less stress on your stove and allows it to function like it should. You will get better heating efficiency from your oven with this kind of regular maintenance.

If you have an oven that is powered by a gas line connected to a tank, be sure to keep the line free from kinks. If the link is compressed, it will stifle gas flow and cause weaknesses in the line that can lead to a gas leak.




We often think of microwaves as hardy appliances that aren’t prone to breaking down, and that is true in most cases. But old or low-quality microwaves need some extra care to keep them going. The main thing to make sure you do in your cleaning is to clean the inside on all the vents. This allows for more efficient heating and puts less stress on the microwave.

You also want to clean the exterior, removing dust and any blockages on the outside vents. This is a good idea for any appliance. If there are vents on the outside, they need to be kept clean and clear of debris and dust. Those vents are the primary way your appliance is keeping itself from being damaged. If those vents are blocked at all, it will put major stress on your appliance and shorten its lifespan.

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